Permit Conditions

1 The permit is not transferable.
2 Only 6 Trout per Angler per day may be taken with a size limit of 11"
3 All undersized fish must be returned to water unharmed.
4 Salmon Catches. Only one salmon per Angler per day can be taken between 1st February and 11th May up to a maximum of three salmon in this period. From 12th May to 30th September 2013, three salmon per angler per day can be taken up to a maximum of seven in this period. All salmon must be tagged with a Garrison tag.
5 All Salmon catches must be recorded with Melvin permit distributors
Any breach of the above rules revokes anglers permit.
6 The holder must carry their permit when fishing and produce it when required by an authorised officer.
7 Life jackets must be worn.
8 No Gillaroo Trout to be killed. All Gillaroo to be returned to Lough unharmed.
9 Please do not discard litter.
10 All boats to conform to Zebra Mussel control measures.
11 Maximum of 2 rods per angler.

Garrison Water Permits

Double Rod  100    125
Adult Season  80  100
Adult Day (Trout)  10  12.50  
Adult Day (Salmon) - 1 Tag  20  25
Junior U18 (Salmon) - No Tags    5  6
Second Permit  25  30

Permit Distributors

Melvin Tackle
Gilroy's Spar
Lough Melvin Holiday Centre


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