Competition Rules


1 Any competitor found trolling lures, baits or flies, spinning or dapping will be disqualified
2 Not less than two and not more than four flies will be permitted
3 Competitors must have only one rod assembled
4 No boat may fish within 100 yards of the boat in front or cut in on the drift of another
5 All fish must measure at least 11". This dimension is measured from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail. All fish caught under 11" must be returned live to water. ANY UNDERSIZED FISH DISQUALIFIES ENTIRE BOAT CATCH
6 Only trout shall weigh in
7 Boats, bags and gear may be inspected at any time
8 Fishing from shore is not allowed
9 Nobody other than the two competitors will be in a boat
11 Each competitor must hand in his own fish, strung and labelled to be weighed
13 The competitor with the greatest number of fish will qualify for any prize when two or more anglers have equal weights
14 All competitors fish at their own risk and the organising committee will not be responsible for any accident or loss
15 No lead core or fast sinking lines
16 The Referee/Committee's decision in all matters relating to the competition will be final. The committee reserves the right to postpone, alter or cancel the competition in the event of inclement weather or for any other reason. All entries are accepted subject to this condition
17 No fish finders or electric motors
18 Competitors found discarding litter in boats or at landing points risk disqualification at discretion of committee
19 Any infringement of these rules merits automatic disqualification
20 All entries and monies must be received by the closing date
21 All entrants are enrolled as Club members for the duration of the competition
22 The committee reserves the right to accept or refuse any entry without any obligation or explanation. Any entry which is refused by the committee shall be returned to the entrant with entry fee.
23 All prizes must be collected on final night, Committee are not responsible for uncollected prizes
24 All competitors must wear life jackets
25 6 fish bag limit per rod. Maximum 12 fish per boat
26 No fish to be kept alive in tanks or keep nets
27 No Gillaroo trout to be killed

As in previous years prizes are boat prizes and

should a boat qualify in a heat the same two anglers fish

together in the final.

A third of the boats will qualify in each of the heats.


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